Why 110, Danks?

Before I get to the bread and butter of this blog, I’m going to write a few quick words on what I’m trying to do here, and why the posts here aren’t going to be as long as a lot of the other reviews you find out there. This project isn’t really about comprehensive analysis of films, if I start accidentally doing that it’s great, but I’m not really at the point where I feel qualified to do that. I’m giving myself the goal of watching one movie for every day until the end of summer (ignore the seasons, for my purposes the end of summer = September 1) because I feel that as somebody trying to get into film I have one huge stumbling block:

I don’t have my own camera.

Okay, *two* stumbling blocks:

I haven’t seen enough movies.

Before you can ever start writing books you have to read them. And before I can really start making films, I have to get a better understanding of movies. When things do and do not work, and why that happens. And yeah, one can just start throwing things up on Youtube and learn the craft through trial and error, but you’re not going to advance very quickly that way. There’s no sense stumbling onto how to tell a story when you can learn from those who have come before you.

And I’m not just talking about the obvious “what not to do’s”.

In essence, I suppose this is as much a journal as it is a review blog. I’m trying to teach myself how to be more critical when I watch movies. How to better understand what’s being done well, and what isn’t. The biggest aid I’m going to have in all this is a blogger everyone should be following, Film Crit Hulk, who has already hugely influenced the way I think about movies. I’d especially like to point to his article on tangible details, the things we cling to that aren’t actually why movies succeed or fail.

So what can you expect when you accidentally follow the links I’m going to be throwing onto your Facebook homepage damn near daily over the next few months? I’ll open with a super quick summary of the feel of the movie (in as little as a single adjective if I can swing it) and what lesson I feel I’m taking from the movie. Right now I’m posting those on facebook as soon as I finish, but with enough prodding I could be convinced to set up that tweetir thing everyone keeps talking about – either way, they’ll also be at the front of each post. After that I’ll get into two things – why I liked or disliked the movie, and go into what exactly the filmmaking lesson I’m taking away is.

Coming up next (as soon as I write it): The first movie of this project, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.


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